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When a legal dispute arises, most people think the answer is going to court. However, litigation is typically costly and time consuming, and turning your case over to a judge or jury can be risky. Alternative dispute resolution techniques, such as mediation and arbitration, can often yield better results in less time. It can enable parties to arrive at a mutually agreed upon resolution to a legal dispute, as well as reduce animosity and allow important business and personal relationships to be maintained.

Michael Bishop is a leader in Indiana in employing alternative dispute resolution techniques to resolve legal disputes. He is a registered civil mediator under Rule 2.5(A)(2) of the Rules of the Supreme Court of Indiana, handling complex civil , trust and estates, and employment law mediation.


Mediation is a confidential process in which we assist parties in resolving disputes. It is an informal process conducted with or without lawyers. While the mediator has no authority to impose a settlement, the mediator can advise the parties about alternative solutions to their conflict, as well as the possible outcomes if the dispute must go to litigation. While mediation is effective in resolving a variety of disputes, it is particularly well suited to probate and trust disputes, business litigation and employment law.


In arbitration a case is presented to a neutral arbitrator for a legally binding decision. Arbitration clauses are commonly written into construction contracts as the agreed method to resolve construction disputes. Arbitration can also be used to resolve business disputes, family law disputes, personal injury matters, and employment law disputes.  Michael Bishop has been a member of the National Roster of Neutrals with the American Arbitration Association since 2008.


Although willing to mediate at the parties preferred location, we offer the use of our offices conveniently located on the North side of Indianapolis, next to Keystone at the Crossing.

Our office has a large main conference room, five breakout rooms, a copy center and a coffee and tea bar.  All of our conference rooms are equipped with WiFi and we offer free covered parking.

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Michael P. Bishop
Michael P. Bishop